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Battle.Net Authenticator
Title: Battle.Net Authenticator
Platform: PC Games
Rating: 0+ (PEGI)
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  • Battle.Net Authenticator
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Protect your World of Warcraft, StarCraft II and Diablo III accounts with industry leading account security - introducing the Battle.net Authenticator!

The Battle.net Authenticator is designed as a supplemental authentication method for your Battle.net account, giving you the security of two-factor authentication. Each time you log in using the Battle.net Authenticator you are provided with a unique, one-time use password to use in addition to your regular password. Log in with both and you can rest easy knowing that your account is safer.

  • Simple and easy to use: Press one button and you have your additional password. Setup of the token is simple and takes only a moment.
  • Small and convenient: Take your token to wherever you play World of Warcraf, Starcraft II or Diablo III and know that your account information is secure.
  • Tough and durable: Lasts for years and replacement is easy.
  • Provides for the highest account security available in the game industry today: Once you have purchased the Battle.net Authenticator you can login to Battle.net Account Management to attach the token to your account for safe access.

Pictures are for illustrative purposes only