DualPenSports - Nintendo 3DS

Title: DualPenSports
Platform: Nintendo 3DS
Rating: 12+ (PEGI)
Release Date: 02 Sep 2011
RRP: £35.99
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Please note 3DS console required to play

Use dual styluses for real sports moments that deliver an addicting challenge for any athlete!

The first ever dual touch action sprts game, DualPenSports provides a fresh gameplay experience that allows consumers to feel more like they're playing real sports with the use of up to two styluses. Fun, exciting and accessable to everyone, DualPenSports' two hand coordination challenges players in new ways, providing an instant edge in the handheld and casual gaming markets!

With 7 unique sports mini-games and a host of other challenges, DualPenSports delivers addicting moments of glory every athlete wants to play again and again! Players create and customize their own Personal Characters and then face off against the computer or friends in various sports mini-games!

Pictures are for illustrative purposes only