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Political Machine 2008
Title: Political Machine 2008
Platform: PC Games
Rating: 7+ (PEGI)
Release Date: 01 Oct 2008
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  • Political Machine 2008
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Manufacturer's Description
Run for President of the United StatesRun for President of the United States in this unique real-time strategy game that arrives just in time for the US Presidential race.

Design your own candidate or pick real world candidates including Hillary Clinton, Barac Obama, John McCain, Mitt Romney and all the other contenders and travel the country to campaign on the issues, take out ads, raise money, appear on TV, and more

Product Features

* Run for President of the United States
* Design your own Presidential Candidate or choose from one of several existing ones
* Campaign against a devious computer opponent or against other people over the Internet
* Run for President in 2008 or in selected campaigns from different moments in history
* Appear on popular television programs on cable TV and learn how to avoid answering the tough questions
* Run as a Democrat or a Republican and campaign on the issues you think people care about - or take out ads to make them care about those issues
* Modern Day Scenario uses real-world data. See how different candidates might actually do in the election months before it happens

Pictures are for illustrative purposes only