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Spore Galactic Adventures
Title: Spore Galactic Adventures
Platform: PC Games
Rating: 12+ (PEGI)
Release Date: 26 Jun 2009
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  • Spore Galactic Adventures
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Partake in Maxis-created Adventures:
Archetype 'Campaigns' - Archetypes include Warrior, Zealot, Shaman, Diplomat, Trader, Scientist, Bard, and Ecologist
Use the Adventure Creator to make your own adventures:
Terraform a planet then for the first time place buildings, creatures, vehicles exactly as you choose
Add goals, structure, or story to your adventures, then test them out
Share adventures online:
Players will be able to upload their created adventures to the Spore website
Other players will be able to download new adventures to play
The Spore website will include new functionality to browse and find new adventures
Other features:
32 new creature accessory rewards, e.g. Energy Blade, Jump Jet , Acrobat Dance, Hover, Stunning Charm
Beam down to the planet surface, and take ally creatures with you

Pictures are for illustrative purposes only