Wii Music - Nintendo Wii

Wii Music
Title: Wii Music
Platform: Nintendo Wii
Rating: 3+ (PEGI)
Release Date: 14 Nov 2008
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Music games featuring expensive instrument shaped controllers are becoming commonplace in video games, but Nintendo's new Wii Music promises to let you simulate more than 60 different instruments with nothing more than the Wii remote and nunchuck.

Unlike other music games, you don't follow any onscreen icons but instead mime along to the music by holding the remote like a real instrument and pressing the buttons in time with the song. So, for example, when you're playing saxophone you hold the remote vertically and press the buttons as you would on the real thing.

There are several game modes, but in most you play as part of a six-person band, either playing along with friends or controlling up to four of the band members at once on your own. Since no musical experience is necessary, all you need is a sense of rhythm and you can play any instrument available.
Key Features

* Music store: Simulate more than 60 different instruments, including guitar, violin, piano, drums, trumpet, maracas, and cowbell.
* Drumming up interest: An advanced drum simulator allows you to use remote and nunchuck as drumsticks and the Balance Board from Wii Fit as the drum pedals.
* Orchestral maneuvers: If you don't want to play an instrument you can take the role of conductor and swing the remote like a baton.
* Band together: Play with and against up to four friends, each of you playing a different instrument, or challenge the game alone with computer controlled bandmates.
* Show tunes: Learn a wide range of different tunes from the Overture from Carmen to the themes from Super Mario Bros. and The Legend of Zelda.

About the Developer: Nintendo EAD Software Group No. 2
The six teams at Nintendo's famous EAD (Entertainment Analysis and Development) studio are managed by Mario and Zelda creator Shigeru Miyamoto. The memebers of team No. 2 are responsbile for the Animal Crossing series as well as Star Fox, Wii Sports, Wii Play, and--of course--Wii Music.

Product Description
Turn your Wii into a musical instrument! Wii Music lets you try your hand at numerous musical instruments - jam with virtual band members, or up to three more of your friends!

Pictures are for illustrative purposes only