187 Ride or Die - Playstation 2

187 Ride or Die
Title: 187 Ride or Die
Platform: Playstation 2
Rating: 16+ (PEGI)
Release Date: 01 Aug 2005
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  • 187 Ride or Die
  • 187 Ride or Die
  • 187 Ride or Die
  • 187 Ride or Die
  • 187 Ride or Die
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Dupree controlled the largest street racing area in Los Angeles but has been shot nine times in a gang land turf war by a menacing Mexican Mafia O.G, named Cortez.
Dupree wants to have revenge for the gangland hit on his life. But now he is unable to take on Cortez and his thuggish crew because of the damage the nine bullets did to his body. Dupree quickly recruits a young man called Buck who is half street and half book smart. He raised Buck as a teen, giving Buck a home when he had none. Now Buck must take back Dupree's old neighbourhood from Cortez and his bandit of rough riding thugs.
Buck must race against the New Yorkers in costumed built hot rides, deliver packages for Dupree alongside a sexy/strong female character name Queen B.If Buck fails, he dies.

Pictures are for illustrative purposes only