Anno 1701 - Nintendo DS

Anno 1701
Title: Anno 1701
Platform: Nintendo DS
Rating: 7+ (PEGI)
Release Date: 01 Aug 2007
SKU: DS302
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In ANNO 1701 for Nintendo DS you can experience the adventurous world of the 18th century with up to three friends, mobile and wireless. Explore, settle and expand in a completely new world. Prove yourself as adventurer and embark on the journey of your lifetime. Set sail to explore nameless islands and strange cultures, prove yourself as strategist, trader and town planner. Develop a new, powerful colony it's up to you.
Based on Germany's most successful PC game franchise, ANNO 1701 for Nintendo DS is an original development utilizing the unique options offered by the Nintendo DS. The island worlds of ANNO 1701 can be explored, developed and controlled solely by using the stylus. The upper screen provides all relevant game play information while the game takes its course on the touchscreen below. Three different game modes offer endless fun: a full-fledged campaign including dramatic cut scenes, a versatile endless-game-mode for free exploration and development of the island world, as well as a multiplayer mode offering competitive fun for up to four players via Nintendo WFC.

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