Antz Extreme Racing - Playstation 2

Antz Extreme Racing
Title: Antz Extreme Racing
Platform: Playstation 2
Rating: 3+ (PEGI)
Release Date: 01 Jul 2002
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  • Antz Extreme Racing
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In Antz Racing, a major racing contest is organised to prove that there is, indeed, a better place--Insectopia! All the insect tribes take part in a championship series, which lasts throughout the four seasons: summer, autumn, winter and spring. Take the wheel behind amazing vehicles, such as sardine tins and soda cans, and prepare yourself to beat our resourceful hero Z, the gorgeous Princess Bala, the master manipulator General Mandible, Colonel Cutter, Azteca, and the good-hearted Weaver. Face your intrepid competitors in five different worlds: the Anthill, the Forest Park, the Frozen Pond, the City, and Insectopia. Pick up bonuses along the way and avoid giant obstacles and hazards, including huge holes, bumps, sticky jam, rocks, nails and oil. May the best player win!

Pictures are for illustrative purposes only