Anubis II - Nintendo Wii

Anubis II
Title: Anubis II
Platform: Nintendo Wii
Rating: 3+ (PEGI)
Release Date: 01 Sep 2007
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  • Anubis II
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Take control of Anubis, the Guardian of the Underworld as he embarks on his quest to save Egypt from the terrifying Curse of the Pharaohs!
Can Anubis rise to the challenge that has been placed before him and bring peace back to Ancient Egypt? Only you hold the power to succeed!

Product Features
Explore through Egyptian tombs in your search for the Golden Pyramids of Power
Solve the puzzles and progress through the monster infested tombs until you reach your finalchallenge.Confront the evil Mumm hotep in the ultimate battle that only the most skilled warriors will reach!
You will encounter deadly locusts, snapping stone statues, maniac mummies, skeletons and many other monsters from the Egyptian Underworld
Use the Wii control system in a fun and interactive way to attack your enemies. Swing your mighty Sceptre of Ra or throw Kanopic bombs whilst controlling Anubis with the Nunchuk controller
Learn special moves such as the Flaming Hurricane to send enemies back to the underworld
Each level completed unlocks extra special BONUS levels featuring new and exciting modes of play

Pictures are for illustrative purposes only