BLUR - Xbox 360

Title: BLUR
Platform: Xbox 360
Rating: 7+ (PEGI)
Release Date: 28 May 2010
SKU: XT624
RRP: £49.99
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If you thought driving games were getting boring then Blur is here to refuel your enthusiasm. A mix of all the best from proper driving sims and less serious party games, the old rules of racing won't help you now.

Although still set in the real world every car can collect and use power-ups that let you knock, damage and destroy your rivals or simply give you a speed boost or repair your own car. They're never powerful enough to completely unbalance a race though, just another tool in your box of racing tricks.

As you'd expect from the creators of Project Gotham Racing the game has a full suite of online modes, all wrapped up in a virtual social network where you compete for fan points and gain your own notoriety within the game and beyond. Finally a racing game with a bit more drive in it.

Key Features
Project Kart: A brand new game from the makers of Project Gotham Racing, that mixes the best of realistic racers with the fun of Mario Kart.
No blue shells: Power-ups require almost as much skill as the driving, from the missile like Shunt to the lightning style shock attack and the always useful Barge.
World tour: Race in subtly altered versions of real world cities, including a Los Angeles river bed and inner city London.
FaceTwitter: Play in a virtual social network, where every rival has their own unique personality and competing in any race can also gain you "fan points".
Online fame: Go online and you can compete in the real "Facebook of racing" with the 20-player online mode (or stay offline and use the 4-player splitscreen mode).
About the Developer: Bizarre Creations
This Liverpudlian studio has been around since the late '80s but is best known for the Project Gotham Racing series and retro 2D shoot 'em-up Geometry Wars. They were bought by Activision in 2007, when they began work on a new James Bond-themed racing game and original title Blur.

Manufacturer's Description
Blur is the ultimate racing experience, dropping you into heart-pumping, electrified in-the-pack action with 20 cars targeting the finish line and battling each other as they trade paint. Intense power-ups, including the ability to blast other cars out of the way with huge bursts of energy, as well as defensive shields, nitro speed boosts, and landmines create realistic damage and destruction. Featuring 4-player split-screen action that offers you a new kind of racing experience, one that allows you to race with your friends and as part of a network of players in high intensity competition and fun.
The new racing game from the award-winning team at Bizarre Creations delivers the most intense and fun racing experience ever. Beyond the action-packed tracks filled with fast curves, sneaky alternate routes, and hair-raising jumps, Blur's story unfolds through a unique and innovative community-based interface, reaching far beyond the game itself. Build a community of allies, rivals and fans where you can share personalized racing experiences with friends both inside and outside the game.

Blur is non-stop racing competition, intense and neck-and-neck action ensuring you're always in the race and battling for position.

Real Racing: Stunning racing environments in real world locations and licensed cars that look and feel great.

Power-ups: Collect addictive dynamic power-ups and use them independently or combo three of the same power-up strategically to gain an advantage over your competition.

Cinematic Realism: Experience insane collisions with licensed photo-realistic cars flipping and rolling with panels crumpling and bumpers ripping off – all brought to life with panning, cinematic camera work.

Multi-player: Features 4-player split-screen and online multiplayer supporting competitive and cooperative game play for up to 20 racers, including team racing, objective based events and custom groups where you can create unique multiplayer modes that are immediately shared through Blur's social network.

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