Big Mutha Truckers - Nintendo Game Cube

Big Mutha Truckers
Title: Big Mutha Truckers
Platform: Nintendo Game Cube
Rating: 7+ (PEGI)
Release Date: 01 Jul 2003
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  • Big Mutha Truckers
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Hick State County, in the USA's Deep South, is home to the infamous Big Mutha Truckers Haulage Company. That's about to change though, as proprietor Ma Jackson has announced she's planning on retiring. Her dilemma is who to leave the company to& Ma has four very different kids and choosing a successor should be done fair and square. The solution is simple: Ma's going to hold a "trial by trucking!" The one who can make the most money buying, selling and hauling cargo around the County in sixty days will inherit the company when Ma retires. Can you truck 'n' trade your way to the top? There may be some sibling rivalry along the way (not to mention obstacles of other types&), but as Ma always says, "When it comes to business, family don't mean squat!"
Unique gameplay concept--trucking, trading and cunning combine! Open-Ended Gameplay--players are not forced to drive a linear path in the living, breathing cities. Four unique main characters each with their own personalities, driving styles and attributes. Action-packed driving--truck jackers, biker gangs and even the corrupt police are out to disable your truck by any means possible! Smashable scenery--as the driver of a massive 18-wheeler, you're not restricted to just roads. Use the weight of your truck to discover new routes and hidden bonuses! Sophisticated Economies--Learn what to sell where and when to stop--or risk damaging the price. Range of play modes: 24 level mission mode for a quick truck, and BMT mode for a long 60 day trade-a-thon

Pictures are for illustrative purposes only