Blackstone: Magic & Steel - Microsoft Xbox

Blackstone: Magic & Steel
Title: Blackstone: Magic & Steel
Platform: Microsoft Xbox
Rating: 11+ (PEGI)
Release Date: 01 Mar 2003
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  • Blackstone: Magic & Steel
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In the game, darkness has crept into the world of Zedan. Madul (the Dark Lord) has led his forces of the Underworld to victory over the White Wizards and the Forces of Light. Hope still remains as the White Wizards summon the bravest of the brave to battle Maduls army and find the sacred Black Stones needed to save the world of Zedan. This small band of hers are assembled and tasked with traveling to distant parts of Zedan to recapture key strong holds, find the Black Stones and restore power to the White Wizards.
Black Stone: Magic & Steel, lets single players battle fs in real time as individual characters or as a team of 4 (toggling between characters). This combat/strategy RPG, allows up to 4 players in 'cooperative play', to attack the forces of evil simultaneously, slashing their way through 26 perilous levels of non-stop swordplay and blood letting. Players collect (or purchase) weapons, beastly companions, magic spells and various magical stones as players do away with a dark army who want to enslave all of Zedan.

The environments of Black Stone are brilliantly animated and fans of 'anime' should be pleasantly surprised with the individual character animation. Players choose their character (or characters): Warrior, warlock, archer, pirate or thief, each with varying melee skills, magical powers and long-range attack capabilities. After completing missions successfully the player can add to his pool of characters by finding hidden ones. Players should ready themselves to spill a river of blood using the proper techniques to dispose of fs in this non-stop, fast-paced slasher.

So raise your weapon, memorize your spells and begin your quest to find the stones and save the world of Zedan.

Pictures are for illustrative purposes only