Blade II - Microsoft Xbox

Blade II
Title: Blade II
Platform: Microsoft Xbox
Rating: 0+ (PEGI)
Release Date: 01 Sep 2002
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  • Blade II
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Blade II is the only action/adventure combat-fest that allows you to play as the half-vampire, half-human superhero who lives to rid the world of vampires. Armed with an arsenal of deadly weapons and over-the-top martial arts moves, you must stop the vampire underworld from farming humans for their souls. Use special hand-to-hand and weapon attacks to destroy hordes of vampires as they surround Blade in battle; this all-around feature allows you to see what's coming up behind you so that you can react and attack before it's too late. Your half-vampire abilities give you access to incredible rage powers, such as Shield, Sword and Strength, which make you virtually unstoppable. Wield Blade's signature titanium-based, silver-plated sword in vampire bloodbaths, or use an array of high-tech weaponry including guns, grenades, stakes, and the boomerang-like glaive--not to mention Blade's black-belt martial arts moves. Obliterate enemy vampires with blood-churning visual effects, such as severing body parts. Other attacks result in a vampire's dramatic decay and disintegration before your very eyes.

Pictures are for illustrative purposes only