Bulletstorm - PlayStation 3

Title: Bulletstorm
Platform: PlayStation 3
Rating: 0+ (PEGI)
Release Date: 25 Feb 2011
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  • Bulletstorm
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Manufacturer's Description
A brand-new and unique First Person Shooter IP from the teams that brought you Gears of War and Painkiller. Epic Games, People Can Fly and Electronic Arts present Bulletstorm, an over-the-top shooter that introduces signature 'kill with skill' gameplay.

Set in a futuristic utopia, an elite peacekeeping force thwarts the rumblings of civil war. But deception within the ranks has caused two members of the most feared unit, Dead Echo, to strike out on their own.

Now washed-up mercenaries turned space pirates, Grayson Hunt and Ishi Sato's latest quest for a quick buck goes south. Stumbling upon their ex-commander's warship, the Ulysses, Grayson engages this behemoth head-on. Outmanned and outgunned, his only option is to ram the Ulysses in a suicidal bid at redemption.

Narrowly surviving a crash landing and now stranded on the abandoned paradise planet of Stygia, Grayson and Ishi find themselves surrounded by hordes of mutants and flesh-eating gangs. They survive on two objectives: get off the planet alive and exact revenge on the man who sent them there.

Taking the role of Grayson Hunt, wield over-the-top combat moves and some of the most uniquely innovative weapons ever seen in a first person shooter that all feed into Bulletstorm's™ distinct 'skillshot' system for unprecedented levels of frantic gameplay. Unleash the Bulletstorm!

The facts behind Bulletstorm read like a recipe for excitement among hardcore gamers: first off, it's an all-new first-person shooter, a rare occurrence indeed; and then there's its development pedigree, with Epic Games (Gears Of War) and People Can Fly (Painkiller) taking the reins jointly. As if that wasn't enough, it goes out of its way to be as gleefully and gloriously over-the-top as it possibly can. The word 'generic' isn't in Bulletstorm's vocabulary.

Story-wise, Bulletstorm casts you as Grayson Hunt, an ex-mercenary turned space-pirate, whose spaceship collides with the military ship it is battling, and both crews end up stranded on Stygia, a once-paradisiacal planet now abandoned and overgrown. Teaming up with the cyborg Ishi Sato and, unwillingly, Trishka Novak from the rival ship, you embark on a mad quest to escape the planet by overcoming all manner of enemies which even include mutated boss-plants.

Bulletstorm's gameplay eschews such mundane concepts as mere survival: the game is all about killing with style. Luckily, you have an unprecedented set of tools designed to let you do that. The weaponry, for example, is simply outrageous: the Boneduster, for example, is a quad-barrel shotgun, the Flail Gun fires two grenades chained together, which can wrap themselves around enemies before exploding, while the Bouncer fires bouncing bombs that you can kick into enemies. All the weapons have chargeable alternate-fire modes that render them even more deadly – for example, the Boneduster alt-fires a volley of flaming bullets that vaporise any flesh in their path.

In conjunction with the weaponry, you get an upgradable leash which lets you pull enemies towards you or, when you level it up, whiplash them up into the air. Plus, you get powerful kick and slide moves – all of which, when administered, cause a slowing down of time and a temporary suspension of gravity. Combine all those attributes together, and you reach the very essence of Bulletstorm: spectacular combos which earn you different amounts of points. You might, for example, pull an enemy towards you, then kick him into a cactus or an exploding dustbin, or kick a bouncing bomb into a plant and poison group of assailants. Each combo has its own, wryly amusing, name, and the more stylish the moves you conjure up, the more points you get, which in turn yield upgrades, alt-fire ammo and so on.

Visually, Bulletstorm won't be mistaken for any other game: lush, colourful vegetation has permeated everywhere, even the abandoned cities. And there's a deeply addictive multiplayer mode, too, in which up to four people take on waves of enemies, Horde-style. In order to progress, they must pass a points threshold, so co-operation is the name of the game: there's even a move in which all four players leash an enemy and pull him apart. If you like your games larger than life and thoroughly overblown, then you'll be needing a copy of Bulletstorm.

Product Features

* Incredible New "Skillshot" System: Combine outrageous gunplay with Bulletstorm's unique kick, slide and leash mechanics as you Kill with Skill. Every enemy presents a new opportunity for stylish, over-the-top and ever increasingly bloody ways to take them down
* The Circle of Awesome: Kill with skill to rack up the points. Cash in these points for upgrades. Use these upgrades to pull off even bigger and better "skillshots" and earn even more points… Bulletstorm's upgrade system truly is a circle of awesome that rewards players who kill in the most creative ways
* Badass Weaponry: From your trusty Peace Maker Carbine to the explosive Flail Gun, Bulletstorm delivers an arsenal of the most inventive, death-dealing weapons ever seen that truly put the fun back into the First Person Shooter
* A Pulp Sci-Fi Adventure: Featuring a script by the acclaimed Marvel Comics writer Rick Remender (The Punisher), Bulletstorm takes you on a journey filled with plot twists and turns from betrayal to revenge and ultimately redemption
* A Dangerous Planet of Forgotten Paradise: Travel from scorched deserts to tropical forests and an adult playground resort on a beautifully realized paradise defiled, delivered by the power of the Unreal Engine

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