Chrysler Classic Racing - Nintendo Wii

Chrysler Classic Racing
Title: Chrysler Classic Racing
Platform: Nintendo Wii
Rating: 3+ (PEGI)
Release Date: 20 Mar 2009
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  • Chrysler Classic Racing
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You might be a nerdy wall flower, but you're about to become the coolest of cats. With just enough dough to buy an entry-level Chrysler you have to race to win some much needed cash. With this money you can then buy new cars, better engines, sweet decals, or faster tyres to go on to even more wins. You can also collect Cool Points to make yourself look cooler with a sleek new haircut, more fashionable threads, and swankier sunglasses. If your car looks hot and your style is slick, you could just become the "King of Cool."

Use Cool Points to customise your character - improve haircuts, add cool facial hair, buy hot new clothes, or update to stylish shades
Features 12 classic Chrysler vehicles including the Barracuda and the Belveder
Customise your car - change the tires, suspension, and steering, as well as adding cool paint decals and chrome finishes
Minigames in between races help develop the games story as well as earning you cool bonuses

Pictures are for illustrative purposes only