Clock Tower 3 - Playstation 2

Clock Tower 3
Title: Clock Tower 3
Platform: Playstation 2
Rating: 0+ (PEGI)
Release Date: 01 Jun 2003
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  • Clock Tower 3
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Clock Tower 3 follows the story of Alyssa, an ordinary girl who must unlock the mystery of her past and stop the evil powers that have enslaved her ancestors for generations. The game features an unnerving level of realism and an equally intense story line, set in a number of locations through various different eras in which Alyssa must escape various monstrous spirits in order to save herself and the tortured souls of their victims. Unlike other survival-horror titles in which the protagonist relies on an array of weapons, Alyssa must rely on her cunning and guile to evade the clutches of these evil spirits and unravel the puzzles behind each murder. Only then can she summon the sacred weapon necessary to destroy each sinister monster.
As Alyssa's fear grows so ds her panic meter, with the result that she becomes harder to control, sometimes even stumbling with the added confusion of the screen blurring. Can she free the trapped souls before the servants of evil stop her? Who is the mysterious Dark Man and what is his connection to the Clock Tower? Can she survive the horror before the clock strikes midnight?

Pictures are for illustrative purposes only