Combat of Giants: Dinosaurs - Nintendo DS

Combat of Giants: Dinosaurs
Title: Combat of Giants: Dinosaurs
Platform: Nintendo DS
Rating: 7+ (PEGI)
Release Date: 31 Oct 2008
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  • Combat of Giants: Dinosaurs
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Pick your favourite dinosaur amoung 25 species. Explore various maps, find food, and water and fight against other dinosaurs! Grow stronger and challenge your friends! But be sure you are well-prepared for the fights, and beware bosses!

Pick your favourite dinopsaur from 25 species among 6 of the most popular families: ravenous predators, witty scavengeres, homed territorials, mighty tanks, peaceful herbivores.
Fight against other dinosaurs. Experience an intuitive combat system based on players dexterity:
- Unlimited moves: feel the victory by throwing your opponent on destructable objects.
- Win the fight and collect eggs.
Customise your dinosaurs: choose the colour and stripes pattern you prefer.
-Use eggs to add thorns, feathers adn bones so your dinosaur becomes stronger, faster and tougher!
Keep your dinosaur healthy:find water and food. Be sure to heal its wounds after a fight.
Explore 9 rich environments different worlds mean different threats, different species!
3 game modes: Adventure, Multiplayer and Quickmatch.

Pictures are for illustrative purposes only