Con, The - PSP

Con, The
Title: Con, The
Platform: PSP
Rating: 16+ (PEGI)
Release Date: 01 Mar 2007
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  • Con, The
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4 main single-player game modes including Story, Time Attack & Arcade

20 playable characters plus extensive create-a-fighter mode

Unique betting system fight to win or take a dive, but always leave the crowd thinking they've backed the right man

Customise the looks, fighting style and combos of your fighter

Train your fighter prepare, rest, practice or take a trip to the hospital

WI-FI multi-player fighting including Game Sharing from one UMD

The Con is set in an underground world of illegal street fights, where making money is just as important as winning the fight. You are a fighter, just bailed out of jail by Reina, a woman made rich by organising and rigging these profitable brawls! In return for your bail, you must win fights, make money and pay back your debt to Reina. Along with two fighters of your choice, your team battles to move up the rank of the streets, as well as to earn enough money and respect to make it to The Big Time, the ultimate tournament of street fighters.

Pictures are for illustrative purposes only