Donald Duck PK - Nintendo Game Cube

Donald Duck PK
Title: Donald Duck PK
Platform: Nintendo Game Cube
Rating: 3+ (PEGI)
Release Date: 01 Nov 2002
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  • Donald Duck PK
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Bored with his everyday life working in Ducklair Tower as a security guard and sick of being put upon by his girlfriend Daisy, three nephews and Uncle Scrooge McDuck, Donald Duck makes a wish to become a superhero. Unbeknown to him, someone is listening. Computer One--a super-computer hidden in the tower--enrols Donald as the new Superhero of the Future: PK. PK discovers that an evil race called the Evronians plan to secretly invade Earth and to transform its inhabitants into slaves, the "CoolFlames". PK's mission becomes clear: he must use his brand new powers to rescue the Evronians' hostages and save the earth.

Pictures are for illustrative purposes only