Donkey Kong Jungle Beat - Nintendo Wii

Donkey Kong Jungle Beat
Title: Donkey Kong Jungle Beat
Platform: Nintendo Wii
Rating: 7+ (PEGI)
Release Date: 05 Jun 2009
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  • Donkey Kong Jungle Beat
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Swing through the jungle in DK's craziest adventure ever! You'll run, jump, backflip, and punch your way to greatness - now with new controls on Wii. You'll use the buttons and Control Stick on the Wii Remote and Nunchuk controllers to move DK, and you'll swing the Wii Remote controller to grab objects and clap with devastating power. When it comes time to box, you'll punch with both hands! Explore one of the most imaginative worlds ever seen in a game, now with many areas partially redesigned to take full advantage of the new Wii controls. Newcomers will enjoy its fantastic jungles, dazzling caverns and wondrous seas for the first time, and fans of the original will discover new thrills along the way!

Pictures are for illustrative purposes only