Doodle Hex - Nintendo DS

Doodle Hex
Title: Doodle Hex
Platform: Nintendo DS
Rating: 7+ (PEGI)
Release Date: 01 Jul 2008
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  • Doodle Hex
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Manufacturer's Description
The ultimate prize awaits you at the mystical College of Runes"¦ Speed, Accuracy, and Tactics are all important in battle as you draw magical Runes on your DS. Collect, Trade and Customize your way to over one million possible spellbook combinations!

The College of Runes is the most magical school in the universe! Students travel from all over the universe to study, but only the most talented are invited to attend classes to learn the Runes' awesome power.

Sadly lessons are super dull so Kalamazoo, the school ghost, makes things more fun by organizing secret tournaments! Rumor has it that the tournament winner could one day receive the most coveted of gifts, the mystical One Wish Rune... Could it be you?

Product Features

* Tournament
* Quick Duel
* Challenges
* Download Play
* Duel Against Friends
* Collect And Trade 100+ Spells
* 250+ Challenges
* 100+ Hours Gameplay
* 10+ Playable Hers
* Unlock Powerful Characters
* Unlock Secret Web Content

Pictures are for illustrative purposes only