EyeToy Kinetic Solus - Playstation 2

EyeToy Kinetic Solus
Title: EyeToy Kinetic Solus
Platform: Playstation 2
Rating: 3+ (PEGI)
Release Date: 01 Sep 2005
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  • EyeToy Kinetic Solus
  • EyeToy Kinetic Solus
  • EyeToy Kinetic Solus
  • EyeToy Kinetic Solus
  • EyeToy Kinetic Solus
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EyeToy: Kinetic introduces a new genre of gaming to PlayStation 2 -- 'fitness gaming', bringing personal fitness trainers into your home through the clever technology of the EyeToy USB Camera. As the trainers' all 'seeing eye', the EyeToy captures your work-out, and the in-game trainers, Matt and Anna give you personalised feedback and are on-hand to motivate and guide you throughout your training.
Comprised of four zones: Cardio, Combat, Toning and Mind & Body, EyeToy Kinetic focuses on a diverse set of exercise disciplines, providing the user with a holistic approach to their well-being. Celebratory fitness professionals and martial arts gurus have input their experience and techniques to bring an unparalleled, interactive fitness experience to the PlayStation 2. The atmospheric environments and music selections complement the mood of the workouts to enhance the exercise experience and really get you into the 'zone'. From kick-boxing to Tai Chi, Cardio to Yoga , there is something to inspire everyone to reach their fitness potential.
EyeToy: Kinetic allows you to choose the zone, the music, the trainer and the intensity to suit your fitness level and goals. With 16 different routines and individually tailored programmes, EyeToy: Kinetic harnesses the power of technology to maximise your workout. This unique exercise experience is a fun, interactive and positive way to supplement your existing fitness regime or kick-start a new you: accredited by top celebrity trainers, you can get the body you want, when you want it.
Motivating, personalised and informed, EyeToy: Kinetic is a revolution in home fitness allowing you to fit effective, bite-sized exercise into your busy lifestyle or invest longer term into a customised 12-week programme.

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