Fable: The Lost Chapters - Microsoft Xbox

Fable: The Lost Chapters
Title: Fable: The Lost Chapters
Platform: Microsoft Xbox
Rating: 16+ (PEGI)
Release Date: 01 Oct 2005
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  • Fable: The Lost Chapters
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Role-playing fans yearning for a rich adventure will find much to engage them in Fable: The Lost Chapters. In the mystical land of Albion, the game will immerse players in a world where every action has a consequence, and players shape their destiny to rise to fame... or descend into infamy. Fable: The Lost Chapters builds upon Fable's legendary and award-winning gameplay with spectacular new spells, devastating new weapons and stout new armour, all of which will be needed to contend with new monsters and other threats in the treacherous Snowy Wastes.

Pictures are for illustrative purposes only