Garfield 2 - Nintendo DS

Garfield 2
Title: Garfield 2
Platform: Nintendo DS
Rating: 7+ (PEGI)
Release Date: 01 Aug 2006
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  • Garfield 2
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Having snuck into Jon's luggage to travel to London, Garfield befriends the royal cat Prince XII and the other animals at Carlyle Castle. After a long day, Garfield is relaxing in his hotel when he receives a royal invitation from Prince: Dear Garfield& to celebrate& royal portion of lasagne& in two hours time& Swoosh! Garfield is already out the door. His stomach is nearly empty so there is no time much less lasagne- to waste!!! When he arrives at the castle the gates are closed and no one is there to let him in. Will he make it inside in time or miss his dinner invitation? Players will help the famished feline find an alternative way into the castle as they guide him through the exciting environments from the movie. Garfield 2 is a fresh game experience mixed with special NDS features and lots of fun. Overcome many of the challenges and use creativity and logic to find the best solution.

Game play is a mix of fun platform activities, puzzles, sliding challenges and mazes.
Garfield will face hazards such as large open fires and spiked objects, which he will either have to avoid or remove.
Use Garfield's smarts and sometimes his weight - to overcome the obstacles
Collect food throughout the levels to maintain Garfield's energy level.
Compete in Timed Mode in order to improve the level time and attempt to beat the level record.
See the game through Garfield's eyes with a unique first person view
Experience multiple paths trough several levels.The game takes full advantage of Nintendo DS features including Dual Screen and microphone.

Pictures are for illustrative purposes only