Great Battles of Rome - PSP

Great Battles of Rome
Title: Great Battles of Rome
Platform: PSP
Rating: 12+ (PEGI)
Release Date: 01 Jun 2007
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  • Great Battles of Rome
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Manufacturer's Description:

The History Channel presents: The Great Battles of Rome is a unique action video game that transports the player all the way into the epic atmosphere of the age of Rome. You find yourself in the front line of the most spectacular battles against barbarian hordes living, and fighting, with the Roman Empire. Accompanied by the voice of the great Emperor Marcus Aurelius, the player is catapulted into an exclusive mix of game and History Channel TV clips, which narrate the history of the Roman Empire, the strongest military power in human history. See the empire at the apex of its reign over the entire western continent, when they left testimony to the Empire's astounding beauty and equilibrium with their stunning architecture and highly modernised cities.

The History Channel presents: Great Battles of Rome is an action game, based on a combination of strategy and reflex to defend yourself from your enemy. The game immerses you in a historic setting, launching the player back through time. The simple user interface allows the player to have complete control over the game and the battle strategy.

Product Features

* More than 100 hundred of the more significant battles throughout the history of the Roman Empire across 14 campaigns
* 50 minutes of film on ancient Rome with The History Channel: 3 difficulty levels
* Up to 12 troops available
* Multiplayer for challenging friends in great battles
* Realistic battlefield locations: steppe, forest, hills
* 35 Fantasy battles in the Cult of Mithras in 7 campaigns
* PlayStation 2 and PC Special visual effects: water reflections, advanced level of detail, daylight and night time battles.

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