Halo 2 Limited Edition Metal Box - Microsoft Xbox

Halo 2 Limited Edition Metal Box
Title: Halo 2 Limited Edition Metal Box
Platform: Microsoft Xbox
Rating: 16+ (PEGI)
Release Date: 11 Nov 2004
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  • Halo 2 Limited Edition Metal Box
  • Halo 2 Limited Edition Metal Box
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This limited edition sees the Halo 2 game and an exclusive bonus DVD housed in an exclusive metal box. The bonus disc includes: Behind the Scenes: The Making of Halo 2; Making the Game: six video featurettes; Visualizing the Story (concept art, early level design, from script to game, narrated storyboards, character tests); Bonus material (trailers from Halo 1 and 2, cut scenes, commentaries, Inside Bungie, A Bungie History, Before Halo, The Making of Halo 1, gameographies.

Halo 2, a sci-fi action/first-person shooter game, is a full sequel to the bestselling original and will continue the story of the Master Chief, a genetically enhanced super-soldier who is the only man that has successfully defied the Covenant, a coalition of alien races on a murderous march toward Earth.

Halo 2 surpasses its predecessor both in graphical beauty and combat intensity. The Master Chief and his marine allies return to battle the full complement of Covenant forces, as well as new enemies who have not yet revealed themselves. Halo 2 also expands the Master Chief's already substantial arsenal with powerful new weapons, many pried from the twitching claws of defeated enemies, as well as more than twice as many drivable vehicles for exploring vast landscapes or speeding into battle. In addition to its epic single-player campaign, Halo 2 will be playable online through Xbox Live.

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