Harvest Moon - Playstation 2

Harvest Moon
Title: Harvest Moon
Platform: Playstation 2
Rating: 3+ (PEGI)
Release Date: Coming 2005
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  • Harvest Moon
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Why not start a wonderful life on a farm, far away from the cares of city?
Your father has recently passed away, and among the people there to pay respects was a man by the name of Takakura.
A close friend of your father's, Takakura tells you that he and your father both had the same dream: to find a small farm out in the country somewhere and run it together.They finally found an abandoned farm in a place called Forget-me-not Valley. Since your father has passed on, it is decided that you will take his place. Thus, you and Takakura come to the valley, ready to start a new life.
The game spans 30 years, divided into 6 chapters, each chapter being one to three years long. You can raise crops, raise animals, get married, raise a child, interact with the villagers, and much more.

Pictures are for illustrative purposes only