Jackass The Game - Nintendo DS

Jackass The Game
Title: Jackass The Game
Platform: Nintendo DS
Rating: 12+ (PEGI)
Release Date: 19 Sep 2008
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  • Jackass The Game
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Jackass the game DS brings all the stunts, pranks and naughty antics of MTV's Jackass to the Nintendo DS platform. Jackass the game DS lets players create their own custom character and go head to head with Johnny Knoxville and the Jackass crew players will explore five open ended environments, where they will take on a huge range of dares and challenges from the original cast.

Product Features

* Tear through five open environments, from a snowy ski resort to a sunny beach, each area is huge and varied.
* Each environment is packed with stunts, collectables, and hidden power-ups
* Discover special objectives, meet bizarre locals and experience life as part of the Jackass crew
* Power-up through a unique stunt upgrade system. build your stunt skill levels to pull off the ultimate moves
* Launch your character from bizarre set-pieces, ride insane vehicles through bone-crunching obstacles
* Once your character is airborne, perform a series of aerial jack-robotics and land in a hilarious pose to rack up your score
* Each level completed unlocks mind blowing mega-stunts, the ultimate ill-conceived shenanigans, beating the mega stunts adds the actual Jackass gang to your stable of playable characters
* Multiplayer modes let you compete against your dumb little buddies through a range of head to head challenges
* Unlock hidden suits to add to your abilities and help you look like a true Jackass. from the hot dogto the rollerblader, dozens of options are yours to discover
* Create a custom character, choose your appearance and pick your strengths to maximize your potential for idiocy
* Design custom outfits with dozens of clothing options and colours. why not try a sailor hat with those underpants?

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