Jet Ion GP - Playstation 2

Jet Ion GP
Title: Jet Ion GP
Platform: Playstation 2
Rating: 3+ (PEGI)
Release Date: 01 Mar 2002
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  • Jet Ion GP
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Jet Ion GP for the PlayStation 2 presents a vision of future racing which involves convoluted 3D racing circuits slapped firmly in the middle of major cities. Riding on the shirt-tails of the Wipeout series, its sleek, aerodynamically styled craft, the player is presented with a variety of intricate circuits around which the aforementioned vehicles must travel in order to win the championship; sadly, there's nothing here to hold the player's interest for more than a couple of laps so the chances of winning this mythical title are pretty small.
Graphically this game is poor. Frame rates vary wildly depending on the surroundings and the number of craft onscreen; detail is weak and the course designs are frustratingly simple. It's not necessary to steer your craft for large portions of each circuit and even in the segments of the game where piloting is necessary, hitting the walls carries no major penalty and leaving the circuit altogether results only in a warning beep from the speakers. A number of items of offensive weaponry have been added to the mix should the player ever feel the need to use them, but the system is wholly reminiscent of Extreme G3 and has no originality whatsver. Overall, Jet Ion GP smacks of a game that's been thrown together and with Wipeout Fusion and Extreme G3 already available and far better, it's difficult to recommend it.

Pictures are for illustrative purposes only