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Title: Kingpin
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  • Kingpin
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A comedy right up your alley.

From the creators of the comedy smash "Dumb and Dumber" comes this outrageous comedy about a former bowling champion (Woody Harrelson) who finds himself reduced to a sleazy, small time hustler, thanks to a double-crossing bowling conman (Bill Murray).

When the one-time champion discovers a new protégé (Randy Quaid), among the Amish of Pennsylvania Dutch country, he thinks he's found his ticket back to the fast lane. A riotously funny road trip ensues as this hysterically mismatched duo sets out to con their way to the bowling tournament in Reno, Las Vegas, Nevada. On the way they find a secret weapon - Claudia (Vanessa Angel). She can swing a mean ball and has the best pins in the business.

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