Le Tour de France - Playstation 2

Le Tour de France
Title: Le Tour de France
Platform: Playstation 2
Rating: 3+ (PEGI)
Release Date: 01 Jun 2002
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  • Le Tour de France
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Product Description
Tour de France showcases both the skill and endurance needed to succeed in the quest to secure the Maillot Jaune--the yellow jersey awarded to the winner of each race--and truly conveys the stamina needed to complete the six-stage competition. As befits the official game of the world-renowned tournament, the game adheres to the rules of the tournament while faithfully recreating the many towns and locations the racers pass through. This level of detail also extends to the gameplay: players opt to participate in training sessions, short arcade races or the long haul of the actual Tour de France. In this mode, the user begins the tournament as a novice competitor, gradually building their pace and strength via local training sessions and races in preparation for the main event. As players finish first in these trials, points are awarded that allow them to upgrade their bike or even transfer to a more dominant racing team. Tour de France also delights in detail: players must ensure that their rider is kept refreshed with drinks during a race, while also mastering bursts of speed and rests. The endurance of the player is marked via a bar shown in the corner of the screen, and pushing the rider too hard will see a noticeable reduction in speed until the bar is replenished. Other additions include variable weather conditions, official teams and bikes and fully customisable riders, while the save game option will be invaluable during the long haul of the main event.

Product Features

* Official Tour de France license
* 12 official cycling teams
* Manager your rider, your bike and your career
* Arcade racing with crucial strategy elements
* 2-player mode for head-to-head racing

Pictures are for illustrative purposes only