Mind Quiz - PSP

Mind Quiz
Title: Mind Quiz
Platform: PSP
Rating: 3+ (PEGI)
Release Date: 01 Nov 2006
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  • Mind Quiz
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Manufacturer's Description:
Mind Quiz helps you improve your thinking skills, courtesy of Dr. Kawashima, Japan's foremost authority on mental functions. Through a set of challenging games, you'll stimulate your brain into firing more efficiently. Measure your "Brain Age," keep your mind sharp and have a great time doing it!


* Test calculation, reflex, judgement, and memory: All the exercises are qualified to exercise the brain with scientific experiments
* How old is your brain? Featuring the Brain Age Checking Mode: Mind Quiz contains the new "Brain Age Checking Mode" this allows the player to evaluate their brain age by solving questions once a day
* Intense fun: Set in a school setting, players can enjoy elements such as online gameplay and mock exams to evaluate strength. The game also features a 'challenge mode' and a 'healing gallery'Pick up and play: By using the PSP's simple functionality, anyone can play Mind Quiz at any age. Begin training with school teachers, then try a variety of unique brain training programs and difficulty settings.
* The latest addition to the blockbuster "Brain Trainer" Japanese series: Renamed "Mind Quiz" for Europe, the game is the best in the series yet. Supervised by Dr. Kawashima, the Japanese authority on Functional Brain Imaging, Mind Quiz helps to train and stimulate the brain.

Product Features

* 49 exercises from 4 genres of calculation, reflex, judgement, and memory
* Brain Age Checking Mode compares your actual age to brain age, as a touchstone of your training
* Fun new mental activities like Challenge Mode, mock exams and the lovely Healing Gallery
* A variety of unique brain training programs and difficulty settings will suit anyone, from the beginners to advanced users

Pictures are for illustrative purposes only