Mystery Stories - Nintendo DS

Mystery Stories
Title: Mystery Stories
Platform: Nintendo DS
Rating: 3+ (PEGI)
Release Date: 01 May 2009
SKU: DS1152
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Manufacturer's Description

Find the Clues, Solve the Crime and Unravel the Mystery!

The biggest adventure of all time is about to begin...
Whilst on holiday on a remote ancient Caribbean island there is a kidnapping. The renowned professor of Mayan artefacts goes missing along with a precious Maya casket stolen from the local museum. Only you, top New York journalist, can piece together the clues and solve the kidnap mystery. Was the professor close to finding the largest treasure trove known to man? Are the Mayan spirits causing mischief as the natives believe or is there something more sinister behind it? Crack the case, find the hidden treasure and unravel the Mayan mysteries!

No sooner have you caught your breath, your journey points you 10,000km further east, to Berlin. Whilst in this historical city, archeologists uncover a mysterious machine hidden in the depths of abandoned war bunkers and tunnels. Find the clues hidden amongst historical parts of the city and piece together parts of the machine to find out why it was developed and what for. Defend your findings from mysterious sects and ruthless ex-secret agents from former communist East Germany who want hold of this marvel of a machine. Nothing will get in their way... including you! It is up to you to solve the mystery amidst all the lies, intrigue and secrets in this one-of-a kind hidden-object adventure game!

Box Contains
1 X DS Cartridge

Product Features
Features 180+ exciting puzzles and tasks and bonus mini-games to unlock
Over 1150 hidden-objects to be found!
40 stunning locations to explore with superb graphics
10 unique search modes search by sound, torchlight, object outline plus many more
Travel the world and take part in an enthralling mystery adventure
Search for hidden objects amongst Berlin's famous landmarks Checkpoint Charlie and The Brandenburg Gate
Intuitive Touch Screen controls
Innovative game play

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