NFL 2K3 - Microsoft Xbox

Title: NFL 2K3
Platform: Microsoft Xbox
Rating: 3+ (PEGI)
Release Date: 01 Apr 2003
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  • NFL 2K3
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NFL 2K3 features ESPN broadcast presentation with player introductions, game highlights, replays and scores displayed in the famous ESPN style. The all-new franchise mode lets you track comprehensive player stats and make shrewd trades as you build your franchise and develop your current team. An intuitive visual presentation makes it easier than ever to be a general manager. And the audible system lets you call plays just before the snap to catch your opponent off guard.

NFL 2K3 eliminates the complexity of previous versions, making it simple to call a blitz or take advantage of a defensive mismatch. Computer opponents are now smarter when calling plays, including making tough defensive stands when you're attacking in the red zone. Players look genuine and lifelike, with more facial models and expressions that let you recognise your favourite NFL stars. Every NFL stadium is here, authentically reproduced in 3-D. From the cheap seats to sidelines crowded with players, coaches and camera crews, no detail is overlooked.

Pictures are for illustrative purposes only