Ninja Assault - Playstation 2

Ninja Assault
Title: Ninja Assault
Platform: Playstation 2
Rating: 15+ (PEGI)
Release Date: 01 Oct 2002
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  • Ninja Assault
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Namco's cult arcade hit Ninja Assault makes its debut on PlayStation 2, combining the scenery and mythology of feudal Japan with up-to-the-minute weaponry and pinpoint shooting action. Play as one of two ninjas, Guren and Gunjo, or a new, ferocious female character; to succeed you'll need courage, quick reactions and more than their fair share of sharp-shooting ability as you run up against a succession of heavily armed fs including fellow ninjas, giant mechanical spiders, and vicious end-of-level bosses. Each character has a unique combination of characteristics and attributes, such as rapid fire, constitution, attack power, health and maximum ammo capacity, enabling you to use different strategies depending on the character selected. There are multiple endings, depending upon your character and your performance across all the stages.
Three challenging modes of play--Story, Jujitsu and Arcade--give multiple endings to increase gameplay longevity. Story mode features a specially re-arranged version of the original arcade game with additional characters, cut-scenes and story endings. Jujitsu mode is a series of mini-games set in the Ninja Assault world, in which two players can compete. Arcade mode is a perfect conversion of the original cult game.
In addition to the three ways to play, hidden features add further replay value to the game. For example, if you complete the game in Story mode, you'll find more playable mini-games in Jujitsu mode. If you achieve certain objectives in Jujitsu mode, you'll find extra weapons become available to you in Story mode.
The game features nine huge and action-packed levels to blast your way through, including the royal castle, a dense and dangerous forest, a ghost town, an underground cave network, and finally Sikai-oh's heavily-guarded headquarters. Meanwhile several Boss Stages place a premium on timing, skill, perseverance and accuracy of shooting.
The game is fully compatible with G-Con2 lightguns.

Pictures are for illustrative purposes only