Pain - PlayStation 3

Title: Pain
Platform: PlayStation 3
Rating: 16+ (PEGI)
Release Date: 26 Jun 2009
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  • Pain
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The basic premise of PAIN is simple: cause as much chaos in as short a time as possible by launching an array of human cannon fodder from a giant slingshot. The more painful the landing, the bigger the score. Of course, that's not all - there are all sorts of variations to play - such as "Fun With Explosives," where you have to detonate as many explosive targets as possible, "Fortress," where you fling everything to hand in order to knock down an opponent's castle, and "Darts," where you'll aim your characters head-first at a giant, sticky dartboard. There's also online multiplayer - where you get to compete against others across PlayStation Network.

Of course, PAIN wouldn't be PAIN without the assortment of oddballs, losers, warped geniuses and occasional celebrities who'll be lining up to step into the catapult. Take your pick from an array of misfits including latex-gloved nurse Ginger, one-legged pirate Scurv Dogg or his ninja nemesis Hung Lo, angry punk Nigel, Elvis-impersonating sumo Ao No Kutsu, innocent-looking but evil schoolgirl Yeoni - or fiery Mexican wrestler El Chilie Grande.

Pictures are for illustrative purposes only