Pangya Golf With Style - Nintendo Wii

Pangya Golf With Style
Title: Pangya Golf With Style
Platform: Nintendo Wii
Rating: 3+ (PEGI)
Release Date: 01 Jun 2007
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  • Pangya Golf With Style
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Pangya Golf's style and character turns the grand old walk of golf on its head. From its ingenious costumes to its freaky caddies, Tecmo's first Wii effort distances itself from the stuffiness associated with golf tradition.
The gameplay in Pangya Golf, however, ds a great job of mixing style and fun with golf simulation. Although players can use special shots on occasion and some courses house some unusual obstacles, the golf itself and course design will challenge those who are really into golf sims.

The big difference between Pangya Golf and other traditional golf games is the use of the Wii Remote controller. Once you're ready to swing, you move the Remote forward to address the ball. Then, you start your backswing by moving the controller as you would a club. The power meter at the bottom of the screen shows you how far back you need to go to achieve maximum power. Once the meter matches the power with which you want to swing, you press the A Button and hold it.

If you deliver a perfect follow through, the word "Pangya" appears on-screen to celebrate your hit, and you collect Pang. You also collect Pang for winning matches and making great shots. With this Pang, gamers can buy new clothes and gear in the shop. Pang is also required to upgrade your character's abilities. Plus, the game keeps track of a good number of statistics, including time spent playing and approximate calories burned.

Pictures are for illustrative purposes only