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Title: Payback
Platform: DVD
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  • Payback
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Get ready to root for the bad guy.

Mel Gibson portrays hard-boiled Porter in 'Payback', a fast, frequently funny and ecstatically twisted blend of action and noir atmosphere co-written and directed by Brian Helgeland, Academy Award winner for 'L.A. Confidential', based on the 'Point Blank' novel by Richard Stark.

Porter makes his living outside the law. So when his partners in a heist rip off his $70,000 share and leave him for dead, there's only one way for Porter to settle things: his way. And that sends him on a vendetta that will have a lot of lowlifes gaping at the talking end of Porters fat revolver. Crooked cops, street gangs, spineless flyspecks, crime bosses, anyone and everyone standing between Porter and his 70 grand are going to know he's back, with a vengeance.

Pictures are for illustrative purposes only