Petz: My Monkey Family - Nintendo DS

Petz: My Monkey Family
Title: Petz: My Monkey Family
Platform: Nintendo DS
Rating: 3+ (PEGI)
Release Date: 13 Feb 2009
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  • Petz: My Monkey Family
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Raise and care for a full family of pets! Adopt a monkey from a wide variety of breeds and customise his look with tons of outfits and accessories. Cross-breed and create your own looking baby pet, then watch your monkey grow and adopt a unique personality.

Adopt your favourite monkey from a wide variety of breeds and take care of him
From Squirrel Monkeys to Orang-utans, there's a breed for everyone!
Customise his look with tons of outfits and accessories
As you care for your pet, bond with him and develop a strong relationship
Breed different breeds and create a unique baby pet
Experiment with breeding to create unique pets that fit your personality
Impact your pet's relationships with others by the way you decide to raise them
For the first time in a pet-simulation game, you can watch your pet grow
Watch your pet grow through different life stages: baby, child and adult
Depending on what stage your pet is at, he won't act the same or have the same needs - e.g. a baby monkey needs milk and tons of affection
Watch your pets interact with each other
You can have up to 3 pets on screen at the same time - raise an entire family!
Watch them interact and play together
The way they act together depends on you - make sure that you react if they misbehave
Get rewarded as you play through the game
Unlock costumes and accessories to dress up your pet
Unlock new toys for your monkeys to play with
Unlock new environments (a beach or a snow field for example)
Improved, more realistic graphics
Pets look more realistic than ever
Watch your pets interact in realistic looking environments

Pictures are for illustrative purposes only