Picross - Nintendo DS

Title: Picross
Platform: Nintendo DS
Rating: 3+ (PEGI)
Release Date: 01 May 2007
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It's intoxicatingly logical and hard work. Imagine slowly illuminating a lightbulb with concentrated thought and you'll get a feel for how satisfying it is to watch the grid gradually fill up - blossom, really - as your beleaguered brain spots the rules and patterns. And - bonus - you've completed a nice picture of, say, a yawning hippo at the end of it all.

Picross DS offers more than 300 puzzles, as well as unlockable high-score mini-games, spread over various difficulty levels in the normal puzzle mode. Picross DS also offers a race against the clock in the single player mode, putting players under pressure to improve their skills and ability on a daily basis.

Additional features offered in this great Touch! Generation title is the opportunity to create your own puzzles, and share them with friends via wireless communication, and the Wi-Fi connection. Wi-Fi also offers the opportunity to go online and battle against other users and download additional puzzles.

Pictures are for illustrative purposes only