Police 24/7 - Playstation 2

Police 24/7
Title: Police 24/7
Platform: Playstation 2
Rating: 11+ (PEGI)
Release Date: 01 Apr 2002
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  • Police 24/7
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A complete conversion of Konami's newest arcade hit, Police 24/7 boasts revolutionary motion-sensor technology and non-stop action gameplay. The action begins in Los Angeles' Little Tokyo district where the elusive "Gokudo-Kai" organized crime family is suspected of illegal weapons smuggling. As a police officer looking for the opportunity to rise in rank, players embark on a special assignment to apprehend the Gokudo-Kai members and crack down on criminal activity.
Police 24/7 features remarkable USB motion sensor technology, requiring players to move their entire bodies to perform realistic manuvres such as dodging bullets, peering around corners and laying low to take cover. A compatible USB camera is required for the motion-sensor--Konami recommend an Omnivision camera--but the game's playable with just a light gun or in fact even a standard controller. The fast-paced action intensifies as players fight a crime ring that spans from Los Angeles to the bustling Japanese city of Shinjuku. Players progress throughout the game to earn performance-based points, which will eventually lead to the coveted title of Commissioner.

Pictures are for illustrative purposes only