Pony Friends - Nintendo DS

Pony Friends
Title: Pony Friends
Platform: Nintendo DS
Rating: 3+ (PEGI)
Release Date: 01 May 2007
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Enter the world of Pony Friends and take the reins of your very own dream pony. Fill your stables with a choice of 6 real life pony breeds including Mustang, Fjord, Connemara, Hokkaido, Carmargue and Haflinger or customise your own.
Choose your pony's favourite day of the week, favourite colour and favourite food and take part in events throughout the calendar year. Busy yourself with daily grooming and cleaning chores or undertake surprise challenges from a cast of characters including the pony club captain, the vet and stable mistress.
Style your pony by changing its mane and tail colours and accessorise it with new saddles, shs, blankets and bridles. Discover rare gifts hidden in trees and under rocks as well as and a variety of birds, fish and animals as you take your pony on trail rides to keep it fit.
Teach your pony tricks in the field or train it to race in competitions against other ponies. Record all your achievements in your private journal and make sure you have completed all your tasks in order to earn your daily pocket money.
Use the DS stylus to perform a huge range of varied actions; including cleaning stones and shells out the pony's hooves, brushing its mane, designing a unique saddle blanket, and teaching it amazing tricks. Daily play will ensure that your pony is the prettiest, healthiest, fastest, most talented, and best pony in the whole stable, scooping you first prize in the prestigious "perfect pony competition."

Pictures are for illustrative purposes only