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Title: Possessed
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  • Possessed
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The only documented exorcism in US history (an event on which The Exorcist was based) took place in the 1950s, when Americans watched the skies for nuclear missiles and Senator McCarthy was looking under beds for Communists. After the death of his Aunt Hanna, several inexplicable and frightening events take place around Robbie Manheim including screaming obscenities in a voice not his own, and summoning the power to throw furniture at tormenting bullies at school.

When science and medicine fail to help Robbie, his desperate parents turn to Father William Bowden, a professor at the Jesuit-run St. Louis University. Bowden is coping with his own demons - devastating memories of his military service as a chaplain during World War II - but after listening to the Manheim’s plea for help, he decides to put his own troubles aside. Against the wishes of Archbishop Hume, he agrees to perform an exorcism even though his own mental stability, let alone Robbie’s life and soul, may be at risk…

Pictures are for illustrative purposes only