S.W.A.T.: Target Liberty - PSP

S.W.A.T.: Target Liberty
Title: S.W.A.T.: Target Liberty
Platform: PSP
Rating: 12+ (PEGI)
Release Date: 01 Oct 2007
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  • S.W.A.T.: Target Liberty
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Manufacturer's Description
SWAT PSP is built upon the classic and highly acclaimed SWAT franchise. Penned by script writer Scott Rosenbaum (The Shield), SWAT: Target Liberty is set in New York City where the SWAT team is tasked with thwarting an ever increasing number of international terrorist threats. Player's will take on the role of Kurt Wolfe and his New York City SWAT Team in the only true Tactical Squad-Based Shooter on the PSP. Life and death decisions is the norm faced everyday by real-life SWAT teams and gamers are faced with an elite terrorist group that is planning to detonate a nuclear weapon in New York City. The citizens of New York are counting on Kurt Wolfe and his team to figure out the mystery before it's too late.

Product Features

* Tactical / Squad-Based Gameplay – The only true PSP Tactical Squad-Based Shooter backed by an assortment of law enforcement experts.
* Randomized AI Placement & Level Generation - Single Player includes random AI placement.
* Multiplayer contains random level generation, greatly increasing replayability.
* Random killhouse generator for Multiplayer that creates new levels of varying sizes for a different experience every time.
* SWAT Team Development – Non-lethal means of completing mission without casualties and unnecessary kills to earn points.
* Increase your team's stats and skills in a hyper-realistic style of gameplay.

Pictures are for illustrative purposes only