SWAT: Global Strike Team - Playstation 2

SWAT: Global Strike Team
Title: SWAT: Global Strike Team
Platform: Playstation 2
Rating: 16+ (PEGI)
Release Date: Coming 2003
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  • SWAT: Global Strike Team
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In SWAT: Global Strike Team, you are Mathias Kincaid, a former member of the US Army's elite Delta Force turned SWAT: GST element leader. The elaborate storyline focuses on you and your two team mates--Tomi Ono, a veteran sniper and Anthony "AJ" Jackson, expert technical specialist. After assuming control of Kincaid, your objective is to command Ono and Garrett through several diverse missions while maintaining the tactical upper hand over your opponent. This means using the environment, the latest gear, the most advanced weaponry, the element of surprise and anything else you can get your hands on.
Using the full capabilities of your other two team mates is essential to mission success. In one mission, for example, you are given the task of eliminating a number of suicide bombers, which requires the use of the sniper to immobilise the suspects and the tech expert to diffuse the bomb. Command Tomi and Jackson by issuing orders using either the intuitive controller interface or the optional voice recognition system. This allows your team to move quickly and effectively, making even complex manuvres easy to perform. The optional microphone takes advantage of the expansion slot on the Xbox controller or the USB port on the PS2.
SWAT: GST is fully accessible to those who are new to the first-person genre, offering both Beginner and Advanced control systems. There's also the choice of Career or Arcade mode. Career mode follows Kincaid and his team from basic training through five chapters (21 missions) linked by a powerful storyline. Gamers can also team-up with a friend and battle through 10 multiplayer-only co-op missions. If working together isn't their speciality, they can choose the Deathmatch option and fight head-to head.

Pictures are for illustrative purposes only