Shox: Rally Re-invented - Playstation 2

Shox: Rally Re-invented
Title: Shox: Rally Re-invented
Platform: Playstation 2
Rating: 3+ (PEGI)
Release Date: 01 Sep 2002
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  • Shox: Rally Re-invented
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In Shox, racing rookies as well as seasoned speed demons will hit the circuit to compete in amped-up arcade-style rally car racing. Jumping into one of 24 licensed high-voltage vehicles from famous makes like Audi, BMW, Toyota, Mitsubishi, Subaru, Lancia, and Ford, players race through three-lap circuits of snow, desert, or jungle landscapes. Sliding through dusty roads, slipping on ice, and shredding through foliage, it's crowded on the open road as six competing cars try to muscle into prime position, wreaking havoc along the way. Additionally, up to four players can compete for top rankings in a multiplayer split-screen mode. Within each track are Shox Zones, where players are awarded Bronze, Silver and Gold placements based on their driving skills. Earn the Gold in all Shox Zones on a single track and a new circuit will be unlocked. Players can also put their own cars up as collateral in races with opponent in Wagering Mode to collect the ultimate off-road vehicle collection.

Pictures are for illustrative purposes only