Silent Scope - Playstation 2

Silent Scope
Title: Silent Scope
Platform: Playstation 2
Rating: 15+ (PEGI)
Release Date: 01 Nov 2000
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  • Silent Scope
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With the amount of ammunition players are expected to use in the average shooting game, one could just as well crush enemies under the weight of their spent shells. But not so for Silent Scope, where the plan is to drop the target with one squeeze of the trigger--even at hundreds of yards away. In this game, you are a highly trained sniper with the most advanced long-range weapon available, outfitted with night-vision scope and a laser sight. You will line up your target while it's just a dot to the naked eye, then put the cross hairs on it in your long-range scope and make the kill.
In a variety of anti-terrorist missions, Silent Scope will have you working on targets as varied as camouflaged foot soldiers and Harrier jets. A meter ticks off your opportunity to fire the shot, but you can sometimes buy a little more time by ringing a shot over the target's head. Since the element of surprise is the key to your profession, you will need to learn to aim accurately and shoot quickly. Fortunately, the game includes a training mode to help you do just that.

Pictures are for illustrative purposes only