Simcity Creator - Nintendo Wii

Simcity Creator
Title: Simcity Creator
Platform: Nintendo Wii
Rating: 7+ (PEGI)
Release Date: 03 Oct 2008
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Be a powerful mayor and build your ultimate city - constructing homes, businesses, factories, skyscrapers, freeways, railroads, and much more. Try different city styles, including American, European, Asian, Futuristic and many others. Hire assistants and advisors with unique personalities to help you manage your town and build new neighbourhoods. When you want to check out what you've built, fly over it in your plane to see all the detail of your design. If you want to give your city a little excitement, send in a giant monster or set off an earthquake to wreck it - you built it, you can destroy it. The fate of your city and your citizens is in your hands!

Build - Construct amazing cities with a wide variety of choices. Create a New York-style metropolis, a romantic European city, an exotic Asian paradise, a futuristic Cyberscape or combine them to make something truly unique.
Destroy - Lay waste to your city with a variety of epic disasters, including earthquakes, meteors, and giant monsters. Prepare for and handle unexpected crises.
Create - Create your city with your Wii Remote, using it to draw curvy roads, shape the layout out your neighbourhoods, and place landmarks of your choice.
Hire - Hire assistants who help you run your city and can build new neighbourhoods based on their unique personalities.
Fly - When you feel like getting a closer look, get into a helicopter or airplane and fly through your city and check out all the details of your creation.

Pictures are for illustrative purposes only