Sims 2 - Playstation 2

Sims 2
Title: Sims 2
Platform: Playstation 2
Rating: 12+ (PEGI)
Release Date: 01 Nov 2005
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The No. 1 PC game of 2004, The Sims 2, is being completely redefined and customised to deliver the ultimate reality game for the PlayStation2. Create your Sims characters, customise their world, then directly control their lives to tell your own stories while realising their deepest wants and darkest fears. Build their homes, create their food, and design their fashions. Guide them in their careers and fulfill their lifelong aspirations as you create their tightly nit social network needed to survive. Relish in your Sims' peaks of pleasure and help them overcome their trials and tribulations. How will you fill in the blank canvass of The Sims 2?

Key features

Complete control: Create, customise and control your Sims' entire world. Decide how your Sims' social life, career and aspirations develop. Take control of any Sim and drive them through the world directly.
Custom content creation: Collect and concoct unique food recipes to affect any Sim's needs: make a tired Sim awake, make a sad Sim happy; make a Sim fall in love. Tailor fashions to your personal tastes too. Everything you create determines how well your Sims survive and thrive.
Memories and awareness: Sims now have memories and are aware of their surroundings, adding a dimension to managing their relationships. Will Sims get jealous, cower in fear, or intimidate each other?
Two-player: Play in co-op mode with your friends with the split screen functionality all the while maintaining your own unique wants and fears.
Explore everything: Nested interactions within objects let Sims uncover opportunities throughout. What's hidden in the couch? How can you whip the crowd into a frenzy at the DJ booth? Leave no stone unturned...or lamp unrubbed....

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