Spectral Vs Generation - Playstation 2

Spectral Vs Generation
Title: Spectral Vs Generation
Platform: Playstation 2
Rating: 12+ (PEGI)
Release Date: 01 May 2007
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  • Spectral Vs Generation
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In a classic tale of good versus evil take to the streets to do battle against the greatest warriors in the globe. The ultimate prize crowned as the mighty victor and grand champion of the world! Compete as characters from two of Japans finest series of video games Spectral Force and Generation of Chaos. Guide your hero through a multitude of arduous one-to-one fights, master all the unique special moves and unleash massive 20 hit combos on quivering victims.
This is full-on action packed 2D beat 'em up gaming of the highest calibre. Players can perform lethal punches, throws, kicks and annihilate challengers whilst on the move! Game play modes come thick and fast as well with a challenging 'Arcade Mode', a fight to the death 'Survival Mode' and the brutal, but brilliant 'Vs Mode'. Write the next chapter in this epic series, fight your way to victory and determine the future of Neverland!

Choice of single player modes
Arcade, Training & Survival
Classic beat 'em up action
Characters from acclaimed Spectral Generation series
Challenge friends in the brutally brilliant Vs mode

Pictures are for illustrative purposes only